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What’s the Chirp Wheel?

The Chirp Wheel comes in 3 sizes and can support up to 500 pounds. It’s doctor recommended and comes with a happy-back guarantee. 

The largest 12-inch Gentle wheel is easy on the back and gives the largest overall stretch. This wheel is best suited for overall pain, upper and lower back and can also be used to stretch hips and open the chest. The medium, 10-inch wheel offers a mix of overall and targeted stretch and is ideal for use with a wall. The Medium Chirp Wheel is ideal for transitioning to the smallest, 6-inch wheel which gives a deep tissue targeted stretch. The Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel is great for neck and posture correction. 

How does it compare to a foam roller? 

The Chirp Wheel is designed with a perfect 5-inch width which fits perfectly between your shoulder blades. The wheel will align your spine and reach difficult knots. Foam rollers, on the other hand, cannot effectively target the deep tissue around the spine as they are too wide. 

How can the Chirp Wheel be used for back pain? 

Here are 10 poses to reduce tension and improve flexibility that can be done with the assistance of the Chirp Wheel. We used the largest and the smallest wheel for these poses. 

Child's Pose, deep shoulder stretch with the Chirp Wheel
  1. Child’s Pose

Place the smallest, Deep Stretch Chirp wheel under your tailbone while in Bridge Pose, making certain it is resting on the tailbone and not the lumbar spine. 

Bridge Pose with the chirp wheel for lower back pain
  1. Bridge Pose

Place the smallest, Deep Stretch Chirp wheel under your tailbone while in Bridge Pose, making certain it is resting on the tailbone and not the lumbar spine. 

Paschimottanasana, seated forward bend with the Chirp wheel
  1. Seated Forward Fold

Prop your legs up with the large Gentle Chirp Wheel under your calves. Reach to touch your toes if able, otherwise remain sitting up straight to loosen the muscles around your spine, lower back, shoulders and hamstrings. 

Plow Pose for back pain relief with the Chirp Wheel
  1. Plow Pose

The Gentle Chirp Wheel and gravity here assists with plow pose, allowing the body to go deeper into the posture and stretch the hamstrings. 

Resting pose, easy pose, sukhasana with the Chirp Wheel
  1. Resting Easy Pose

For a deep stretch throughout the back body, lean back against the Gentle Chirp Wheel with your legs crossed in Easy Pose. 

Shavasana, corpse pose, sponge pose with the Chirp Wheel for low back relief
  1. Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose with the aid of the Deep Stretch Chirp Wheel offers release for the lower back with the added relaxation Corpse Pose brings. 

Lizard pose with the Chirp Wheel for pain relief
  1. Lizard Pose

The Gentle Chirp Wheel and Lizard Pose together help to open the hips and lengthen the hip flexors which may help to relieve sciatica. 

Half Pyramid Pose with the Chirp Wheel for lower back relief
  1. Half Pyramid Pose

In this pose, the wheel helps to give a better, deeper stretch of the hamstrings. Place the Chirp Wheel under the front leg and bend to hold your foot if able. 

Angled release with the Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel
  1. Angled Release

Using the Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel, angle yourself to the left and place the wheel under your left side. Rock back and forth with the right knee bent for tension release. Use the Gentle Chirp Wheel if the pressure is too intense. 

Hamstring release for pain with the Chirp Wheel
  1. Hamstring Release

With the wheel under your hamstring, lean back on your hands for support. Straighten the leg with the wheel underneath it and rock back and forth along the length of your hamstring to get a deep stretch. 



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