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Why Back Surgery Should Be Avoided

Why Back Surgery Should Be Avoided

Back pain can be annoying as it affects our daily activities and decreases productivity. Who wouldn’t want to feel relieved, right? You might be searching about symptoms, causes, and therapies to help you out, or maybe you’ve been considering your …

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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (When Pain Comes Back After Surgery)

Back pain

Back pain creates a huge impact on our daily lives. Constant and unbearable back pain is annoying, and it affects our productivity. Even those not doing manual labor, like students and office workers who sit in a comfortable chair for …

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Should I Have Scoliosis Surgery?

woman during the consultation with therapist

Do you ever feel little, literally, and hate the way you look because of your poor posture?

Having a good posture has a significant impact on a person’s confidence and looks. It makes us look thinner and shorter, so it …

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Common Types of Back Surgery and How to Know When You Need One

Midsection of caucasian female physiotherapist palpating back of african american male patient. medicine, health and healthcare services

Surgical treatments are always a last resort when it comes to addressing chronic back and neck pain. However, if you have already exhausted all the natural and non-invasive options and still didn’t feel any relief, it might be time to …

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