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Comprehensive Guide to Back Pain Causes

Finding the source of your back pain can be no simple task, as there are many different spinal-related problems that are the root cause of your pain.

Many, many Americans suffer from back pain, making this an issue that most …

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What is a Slipped Disc?

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Slipped discs sometimes come with no symptoms. This is often the case when the disc isn’t pressing into a nerve. It is not uncommon though, that you will experience an ache in your lower back. 

However, if the slipped disc …

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9 Signs of Spinal Stenosis

What is spinal stenosis?

The narrowing of the spaces within the spine is called spinal stenosis. This narrowing puts pressure on the nerves that travel through the spine. There are two types of spinal stenosis: cervical stenosis and lumbar stenosis. …

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Is My Back Pain Caused by a Pinched Nerve or Degenerating Disc?

Is My Back Pain Caused by a Pinched Nerve or Degenerating Disc?

Back pain from spinal disc problems is either caused from a protruding disc irritating a nerve or from the disc itself. Sometimes understanding the difference between the two can be difficult, as a variety of terms are used to describe …

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