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5 Reasons Why Memory Foam Mattresses Help Relieve Back Pain

5 Reasons Why Memory Foam Mattresses Help Relieve Back Pain

Most people put in one-third of their lives sleeping. You spend that time on your mattress, trying to have a good night’s sleep. It’s no surprise that mattress comfort is essential when resting. But did you know that a good mattress will not only help you sleep better, but will also minimize the health risks connected with back discomfort?

Here’s how memory foam mattresses help relieve back pain:

1. They relieve body pressure.

A good mattress that supports your spine and relieves pressure is essential for quality sleep and back pain relief. 

Waking up with back pain can hinder you from being productive for the rest of the day. Memory foam provides the right balance of support and comfort while maintaining your spine in neutral alignment and preventing it from bending or twisting out of shape.

2. Memory foam comes in a variety of firmness levels.

According to most health professionals, a medium-firm mattress is the best choice for back pain alleviation and support for most body types and sleeping postures.

There is no exact science to determine what amount of firmness you will be most comfortable with. However, considering your body type, weight, age, and sleeping position might assist you in determining the approximate range of firmness that other sleepers like you enjoy.

3. Memory foam decreases pressure points on your body. 

Pressure relief is the capacity to disperse weight, and memory foam mattresses excel at that. When pressure relief is combined with contouring and spinal support, as with memory foam, the result is a comfortable mattress that conforms around your shoulders, back, and hips to eliminate pain points.

If you have herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, disc strain, or other disc disorders, memory foam products can help you sleep better by relieving pressure on your spine and lower back.

4. Memory foam can help with back pain injuries caused by sports

If you play sports, run, go to the gym, or are usually physically active, a memory foam mattress can be helpful for your back because it can adjust to your body and relieve strain on aching muscles and joints.

Sleeping on a high-quality memory foam mattress helps alleviate arthritic lower back pain by dissipating pressure away from the joints and into the mattress components, giving better comfort.

5. Memory foam mattresses suit adjustable beds perfectly.

The foam effortlessly adjusts to your shape while offering a pleasant resting cushion that relieves strain on your muscles, bones, and joints.

If you have back problems, adjustable beds are an ideal alternative since you can alter the angle of the top and lower part of the bed to the exact point where your weight is distributed in a way that decreases any discomfort.

Memory foam mattresses such as the Molblly 12 Inches Gel Memory Foam, Zinus 10 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam, and Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam are highly recommended for pain management. They are high-quality, safe, and comfortable products for your bad back pain. 

Finally, there is no better suggestion than to consult a medical expert if you have backaches and pains.

It is critical that any chronic pain issues or other back ailments are properly diagnosed. When sleeping with a poor back, choosing the right mattress is only half the answer; always seek a medical opinion.



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